I bought a lot of different products via JiuJitsu.com and its all been great.

Good visual and explained very well, i highly recommend Rafael Lovato Jr’s products if you like Jiu – Jitsu these guys deliver some really good products I paid to unlock all products and it is worth every penny.

Brian B

Rafael Lovato Jr. Guard Mastery series has been the best thing that’s happened to my game this year!

He describes each step in such great detail with awesome perspective that teach you how to properly bait, setup, and execute the technique.

Learning any new technique takes good coaching and repetition, I can feel more at ease knowing that I can go back and watch these courses step by step until I really nail the flow. Cant wait to dive into the next course!

Ric S

When I started training, I was constantly struggling to grasp certain concepts in our gym atmosphere. Just a few weeks after watching the jiujitsu.com video training, myself and my training partners have noticed a huge improvement in my overall game!

Mark F

WOWWWW. Pure genius. This is the type of details I have been searching for!

Stanton C