This is an online marketplace for Jiu Jitsu Courses. Our goal is to catalogue and deliver the Worlds best Jiu Jitsu Instruction and give you the tools to become better in every area of your game on a smart, easy and credible delivery platform.

Inside any of the courses pages you will see a green button in the top right hand corner of the page. This is a dynamic button that changes depending on your access level to that specific course… Here is how the button works:

Depending on your current level you will see one of three lines of text on that button:

Take This Course: You will see this button when you are not logged in and need to either register or login with your Premium Membership. Once you have registered and or logged in you will immediately be sent to the purchase page for that course.

Purchase The Course: After you have logged in as a Premium Member and you are browsing the courses and you have not purchased the course yet, you will see this button and when you click it, you will be directed to the purchase page to have immediate access to this course.

You Own The Course: After you have purchased a course, and you are logged in with your premium membership, and you visit that course page you will see this button and have full access to the course by simply clicking the videos that are on the course page.

Also, there are three user access levels and they are specified by badges. Here are the badges explained:

Free Lesson Any lessons with this badge can be watched without signing in or purchasing the course.

Premium Lesson Any Lesson with this badge can be watched for free after you have signed up and then logged in.

Gold Lesson Any lesson with this badge is available after you have purchased the course.

Once you have created a Premium Level Account, you can login and watch all the premium level content at no cost, and purchase any course you would like and have all the Gold level content available to you instantly within the portal.

All you need to do to access the courses you purchased is go back to the course page and it will be available to you in your personal Members Dashboard and on the courses page with a”You Own This Course” Icon.

The Members Dashboard is unique to you and will track your favorite courses that you select and also add all the courses you purchased to the dashboard.