Rafael Lovato Jr. Cross Collar Killer

In these NEW technique videos Rafael shows you how and why a simple tweak to your grips from the guard will allow you to SKYROCKET the submissions you catch with very little change to your game and how YOU can start using it today.

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Special Message from Rafael Lovato Jr…

I am super excited to share with you a NEW and SIMPLE highly effective guard grip and submission game that is working WONDERS for me and my students right now.

I just finished filming a full “cross collar killer” instructional and I have a brand new free preview video that breaks down the basic idea behind how and why this works so well…

In these NEW technique videos I show you how and why a simple tweak to my grips from the guard allowed me to SKYROCKET the submissions I catch with very little change to my game and how YOU can start using it.

Top three reasons my new Cross Guard Killer works so well:
#1. It allows you to control the power hand and shut down your opponents guard passing
#2. This grip sets up your attack the weak side of your opponent skyrocketing submissions
#3. It allows you a powerful defense with a built in frame and guard pass protection

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Update 9/19/2017: My previous comments about technical issues had been resolved. I love the techniques covered in this videos. As always professor Lovato Jr. covers lots of details. Highly recommended.


Same issue as others have commented on. The concepts seem good, bit the videos seem to be cut short and are incomplete. This is a real issue as professor Lovato has many great details that he shares in the other video series and I am sure he does the same here. Please fix this.